Road Sweeping

Road Sweepers are an important part of keeping roads, runways, paths and more, not only clean but safe. From removing mud from construction site roads, cleaning spills on tarmac, trimming and removing overgrown vegetation on roadsides, road sweepers need to offer a range of cleaning options with first class efficiency and capacity.
Our state-of-the-art road sweepers are modern and efficient, engineered for high performance. The V65t’s are designed to have a low environmental impact whilst providing top quality deep cleaning on all hard surfaces. Wherever it is needed our range of sweepers offer the multi-functionality you need to get the job done.
Each V65 offers longer on-station time meaning lower costs to you in both time and money as well as superiority to the standard sweeper, results being much more effective with this superior model.
Our continual investment in technology and our future-plans to expand our waste recycling facilities mean you can be sure you are getting a top-quality job at a very reasonable price. Our V65t’s are high specification vehicles with up-to-date controls ensuring a great finish with, in cab comfort and safety as well.
Our V65t’s are ideal for cleaning:
• Construction sites• Playgrounds• Car Parks• Busy Roads/A Roads• Driveways• Gully cleaning• Industrial estates • Building sites







In cab safety and comfort comes with a center console, USB charging points, a 7” colour screen on an articulated arm allowing full view range and an ergonomic door controller. Its high visibility brush plates and hose sleeves provide an easy to see brush position with LED sweep-gear work lights.




Dual Sweep


Gully Suction attachment

Jetting/Gully emptying facilities.

Reversing features – camera/radar/white noise alarm



6.5 m³ Hopper volume (void)


1,554 lt. Water Tank

3600mm Sweep Width.



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