Specifications and FAQ's

Our fully maintained state of the art fleet is at hand 24/7 for all your clean up needs.

Available to hire:

Bucher Municipal (formally known as Johnston Road Sweepers) DAF VT65
Back to Black Beam Sweeper SA8000
Back to Black Beam Sweeper SA12000
Back to Black Beam Sweeper SA14000


Choosing the sweeper that meets your needs can be more complex than it seems. We are always on hand to advise and answer your questions but here are some of our more frequently asked questions and answers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions – we’re here to help.

I only need a one-off clean, can I still hire from you?
Absolutely. We are happy to supply vehicles for one-off cleans or for longer contract hire should it become necessary.

Are you able to supply vehicles to other areas of the UK?
Yes, whilst our offices are in Oxford, Bristol and Gloucester our services extend beyond this area and can cover most of the UK.

Can I arrange a long-term hire with you?
You can, part of our commitment to customer care is making sure we meet your needs, so we offer a range of one-off, short-term and long-term hires.

Do you service and maintain all your vehicles on-site?
We do. We invested in a new on-site service facility in 2018 and all our machines are fully serviced, maintained and repaired on site to meet our exacting standards.

Are your operatives fully trained with the recommended certification and safety knowledge?
Of course, all our operators are fully trained to NVQ Level 2 Road Sweeping and hold CSCS cards. You will also find many of our operatives have remained with us meaning we can be assured that you receive the service you deserve.

What do your vehicles offer that other road sweepers do not?
Our Back to Black/Jet Vac Beam Sweepers are built in Denmark to our specification to ensure that you get a more effective and deeper clean with more functionality than conventional cleaners. We provide the latest technology to quickly and efficiently clean and recondition surfaces such as runways, racetracks and roads ensuring that the finish is as good as new. In addition, all our vehicles are changed on a 2-year basis so that we know we continue to offer the highest spec for you.

Do you offer self-drive?
No, we ensure that our vehicles are maintained to a high specification and our operatives know how to not only get the best out of each vehicle but also come with mechanical knowledge on exactly how to meet your requirements. Our Jet Vac Beam Sweepers are much larger vehicles than standard sweepers and need expert handling.

Can I see the full specifications for your vehicles?
No problem, all our vehicle specs are in downloadable pdf format at the top of this page.